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We  enable people and/or businesses needing legal services to match their needs with a selection of licensed top law professionals in their local geographical  areas. Users save time and money in their search for local attorneys that practice in many different areas of professional practice.


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The greatest cost of having professional legal help results from not having it when you really should.

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Get a good Spanish speaking law firm! Let our free referral service help you find a good abogado or law firm in your local home area. All of our member firms attorneys are licensed, experienced in their particular area of practice, and offer free initial consultations. 


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Remember: The greatest cost of having professional legal help results from not having it when you really should.


Personal Injury
Your personal injury lawyer should be experienced in handling complex or simple cases resulting from serious personal accidents, injuries or wrongful death.  Examples: Medical malpractice, injuries caused by defective products, property neglect, automobile accidents, etc. You can communicate in Spanish or English with your lawyer! Free initial consultation.

Criminal Defense
A criminal lawyer should be highly experienced in successfully defending clients charged with crimes and legal charges such as sex, drug, violence, and/or white collar crimes and offenses.  Free initial consultation and communication in Spanish with your attorney.

Divorce, Matrimonial, and Family Law
Finding a good divorce lawyer can be very difficult; a mistake can be very costly. Issues such as child custody, alimony, and division of marital property should receive the professional skills of an experienced and caring Spanish speaking attorney.  Our members meet your needs and provide a free initial consultation in Spanish or English.

Immigration is not a dirty word.  A licensed, skilled and experienced Spanish speaking immigration lawyer can help you to live and work in USA, register for a Green Card and more. Our member attorneys provide potential new clients with a free initial consultation in English or Spanish.

Real Estate
Real estate is land and all the natural resources and permanent buildings on it.  Buying or selling residential or commercial property requires the protection and guidance of a licensed real estate attorney or firm in your area.  Spanish speaking? Free initial consultation? Of course! 

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is America's dominant source of commercial law. All 50 States have enacted all or most of the UCC. The UCC covers such matters as contracts for sale of goods, warranty law, funds transfers, security interests in goods, etc. We'll help you get a nearby Commercial attorney or law firm and a free initial consultation.  And you can communicate in Spanish!

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that deals with the liabilities of an insolvent debtor (individual or business). Its purpose is to distribute the bankrupt's assets equitably among the creditors. In most cases it frees the bankrupt from further liability. Bankruptcy may be instituted by the debtor (voluntary) or by the creditors (involuntary). In the U.S., bankruptcy is governed by federal laws. Let us refer you to a licensed, skilled and experienced lawyer in your home area.  All member attorneys provide our referrals with a free consultation. You can comfortably communicate in either Spanish or English.

Estate, Wills and Trusts
Estates (property, possessions) can be simple or complex.  Likewise wills and trusts.  Be sure that you have the protection of a licensed, skilled, experienced and estate attorney in your home area.  We'll refer you to one that will give you a free initial consultation. Communicate in Spanish?  Of course.

Civil Litigations and Disputes
Civil disputes (claims between people) can be resolved by settlements or by the judicial process (litigation).  We can help you find a nearby litigation attorney or law firm.  Free initial consultation?  Communicate in Spanish OR English?  Of course!


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